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GPS Golden Derrick Award
We are proud to announce our recipients of the GPS Golden Derrick Award. Every quarter GPS will recognize a rig crew for their outstanding safety, work performance and crew continuity. We had an outstanding crew that was selected for the second quarter of 2015. Congratulations to Rig 57 with employee names (from left to right) Carlos Garcia (WP), Shaquil Gant (WP), Jonathan Harrelson (HWP), Miguel Paredez (Supervisor)). Enjoy this well deserved honor, you’ve earned it!
GPS holds Tier II Confined Space Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue is a course designed to meet Tier 2 confined space rescue requirements for non-complex confined spaces. At the completion of this course, our employees were trained to: Tie Basic Rescue Knots, Conduct basic (non-complex) confined space rescues-both entry and non-entry, Provide basic patient care and packaging assess and test confined space atmospheres.

GPS Completes New Workover Pump
GPS has just completed the manufacturing of its newest addition to its already impressive pump fleet. Our newest workover pump is a Gardner Denver PAH 5”X 8” driven by a 475hp Cat C-15 Tier 3 motor. Included in this package is a 110 barrel tank, shaker, remote operating capability, as well as an electronic metering system. Congratulations go out to Jayson May and his top notch fabricators and mechanics on a job well done!
GPS Acquires Vactor HXX Vacuum Excavator
Imagine the savings to be achieved by avoiding the tremendous costs associated with power outages, burst waterlines or gas explosions that can result when a backhoe, trencher or other mechanical earth mover hits a buried utility. Compared to mechanical excavation, vacuum excavation dramatically reduces the likelihood of striking or damaging existing utility installations. read more...